More Projects for Transistion Stourbridge

We’ve taken on some more new projects as a result of a planning meeting, these include:

Community newspaper:

We are planning to create and distribute a kind of Positive News for Stourbridge. Please send in your ideas for a name and look out for when we request articles in case you’d like to feature. We will also soon start looking for funding for the project, so any ideas welcome.

Contact person: Odilia


We will start investigating this idea that creates connections between those who have garden space they cannot or do not wish to cultivate with those who want to grow things but have no space.

Contact person: Rosanne

Bag swap:

Roseanne will host another ‘bag swap’ Saturday where she offers a free cotton bag in exchange for shoppers’ plastic bags.

Contact person: Rosanne

River Stour walks:

We will organise some riverside walks for over the summer holidays to enjoy the river, do a bit of litter picking and to discover where the Stour flows locally.

Contact person : Rosanne

How to get involved/informed:

Project groups will meet as and when, according to their particular requirements. If you’d like to join a specific project please let us know by sending an email to:

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