Could we have a Tip Reuse Shop in Stourbridge?

A tip (Reuse) shop is based at the local household waste site and intercepts items destined for the skips. They are usually run by a charity. The advantages are lots of stuff gets diverted from landfill and gets reused. Also an income is generated for a local charity.

Stourbridge Civic Amenity Site currently doesn’t have any plans for a Reuse / Recycling Shop.

Report on Tip Shop Visit

On the 20th February we went to Burton Farm Household Waste Recycling Centre, near Stratford-upon-Avon and Princes Drive Household Waste Recycling Centre in Leamington Spa.

Staff at both places were very welcoming, enthused and informing.

Burton Farm Household Waste Recycling Centre

  • Burton Farm Reuse Shop has been opne open for 6 years
  • Partnership: Council and Shakespeare Hospice.
  • General waste goes to landfill.
  • Shop is allowed up to 10 tonnes / month, usually only has 4 tonnes.


  • 61% is recycled
  • Aluminium
  • DHL own all the WEEE goods, own pot of money for WEEE collection
  • Landfill tax
  • Small and large electric goods waste – no cost to tip
  • Income from Card, Paper, Metal collected
  • £2,500 / tonne copper
  • Staff sort out items in the wrong place with hooks
  • Site has to pay for wood and green waste to be collected
  • Plastic bottles – go to Aveston – made into pipes
  • County Council do Road shows to raise awareness
  • Soil: collected separately – not charged for, as put on top, but haulage charged for
  • Warwickshire County Council don’t send recycling abroad.
  • Sita send plastic to Delleve

Princes Drive Household Waste Recycling Centre

  • Running for 3 – 4 yrs
  • Standard weights applied, not individually weighed, to calculate landfill diversion.
  • As above, allowed 10 tonnes / month to landfill, only send 4 usually.
  • Income pays wage. 13 paid staff over all Action 21 projects.
  • Limited partners
  • Food link
  • Profit goes into ….
  • £90 / kg copper
  • Another site Sydenham open 3 days / week (industrial area) – bikes too
  • Small site, parking limited
  • Building materials: bathroom pieces – sinks, toilet
  • Canoe / doors / windows

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5 thoughts on “Could we have a Tip Reuse Shop in Stourbridge?

  1. This already happens in two of my relatives areas. It’s a crying shame when you see what gets thrown away. So much more could be done and revenue generated

  2. Having been a regular user of Stourbridge tip whilst I’ve been renovating a house I have been frankly appalled at some of the items thrown away. On several occasions I have rescued dining suites, cupboards, chairs and the like as they have arrived once my trailer or van has arrived and taken them to Betel, a Dudley based charity who help rehabilitate folk through furniture refurbishment which is then used in the homes they occupy. St Thomas’s network is similar. A re-use shop would therefore be ideal subject to the logistics of how long the items are kept for and how they are moved and stored.

    Promotion of ‘freecycle’ could also help reduce the burden of landfill

  3. Compare how we ‘deal’ with our rubbish to Cities such as Mumbai where folk are ’employed’ to even pull old plastic bags out of the mire for recycling and we should hang our heads in shame.

  4. I think it is a good idea.

    North Warwickshire has one at Grendon – run by their employees I think.

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