Stourbridge Area Commitee Meeting 8th March

Feedback from the Stourbridge Area Commitee Public Meeting

Present: Cheryl, Margy and Roy attended the local council public forum
Date: 8th March 2010

Reuse Tip Shop Idea

Margy presented the case for a Reuse Tip Shop at the Birmingham Road Tip, saying how impressed we were with facilities we observed during our visit to the Stratford site and stressing the opportunities for saving landfill tax paid on items that could otherwise earn income and employment for charity.

A number of councillors expressed an interest, at least in theory. Councillor Knowles spoke of possibilities of dismantling eg washing machines and reusing the parts, and he also came and spoke to us as we left. Sue Holmyard from the environmental office promised us council feedback regarding possibilities of installing a Reuse Shop in the present car park, and future plans for that area, one councillor said that it has been designated as a site for a new-build car park when the Bell Street one is demolished as part of the Crown Market redevelopment, but that nonetheless there could still be room for a Reuse Shop.

Another councillor said that if items could be collected for recycling before they entered the present waste site it would get round the problem of the current contract there for all materials. Sue had already said this could be a difficulty until the present contract expires.

Plastic Recycling

Another member of the public asked a question about plastic recycling and their disappointment of moving to Stourbridge and finding it impossible to recycle plastics here. A councillor extolled Dudley’s incinerator facilities and the important role that plastics play there in increasing temperatures, and how good this should make us feel when we put plastics in our rubbish bags and generate electricity.

There was a discussion about the surplus money the council has to give to voluntary groups to purchase equipment. If the donation does not exceed £1,000 a group can re-apply for a further grant, otherwise if it is between 1K and the
maximum of 5K there has to be an interval of 3 years. Another interesting discussion was about the money the council has for artists and others to ameliorate the eyesores of empty shops.

It’s possible to apply to the Liason Officer for a grant to use an empty shop for displays, which could be a window display 6 days a week with volunteers coming in on Saturdays. Perhaps we could combine with the Stourbridge Hub Project to do this.

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