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Public talk on Climate Change in an Age of Deception: Fri 19th March

by on 16/03/2010

Public talk on Climate Change in an Age of Deception at 7.30 Elmfield School, Eurythmy Room, Stourbridge

Peter Taylor will examine the relationship of climate change, science institutions and the UN and other areas of mass deception such as the Iraq war and the “dodgy dossier”, and the financial crisis.

He will argue that we live in an era of unprecedented deception and camouflage of purpose where predatory forces compete for energy and power.

Where then does redemption lie? In eco-sustainable communities? Or in a complete re-orientation to the nature of reality? Peter Taylor is the author of Chill – a critical look at the current global warming media consensus.

He is a science analyst and policy adviser with over 30 years experience as a consultant to environmental NGOs, government departments, intergovernmental bodies, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the UN. All welcome.


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