Transition Town Rap by Peter Howe

Welcome everybody to Transition Town
We’re looking up to stop the world going down
It takes less energy to smile than to frown
We’re going green cos we had enough…Brown.

There’s change in the air and change in the weather
We’re making a new start from the end of our tether
We don’t know where we’re going but we’re going together.

We’re a marginal town, living on the edge
One side’s wall, the other’s hedge
We’re urban-rural, in between
Black country one side, the other green.
One way concrete, tarmac, glass
The other way…mostly grass
Left-right, red-blue
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.
We’re town and country we need some planning
They screwed it up before, they need banning
The flames need fanning, the pumps need manning
But we’re not a revolution, we’re grass roots
Seeds of recovery, this year’s shoots.
Let’s talk, let’s walk
Lets hike, bike, cycle, recycle
Reclaim the streets, eat less meat
Lets LETTS, keep less pets, save at the vets
Lets own less things, lets sing, lets bring
And share, let’s care, don’t go by air
Lets go together, grow together
Sow, mow, hoe – let’s glow together.

The oil has peaked and so has uranium
Gas and coal, copper and platinum
Tin, lead, zinc and lithium too…
I peaked myself in 1972.
In the middle age of life I came to this place
Now I’m making time, making space
In this corner of the world I see all creation
In the centre of England, love every nation.

Alienation, isolation,
Evolution, exclusion pollution
So many problems: a single solution.
If you’re tinker, tailor, soldier or dancer
In this age of questions only one answer:

Take your earth and make a garden
Take your sadness, make a song
Take hunger and make a table
Make conversation and make it long.

Take your soil and make it bloom
Your loneliness, make a friend
Take thirst and make a vessel
Take your quarrel and make it end.

Take a spade and make the weather
Your desperation, make a dance
Isolation, throw a party
Fear and take a chance.

Take your house and make it welcoming
Take your anger, make a hearth
Take loss of faith, believe in life
Take wasteland, make a path.

So … by way of finishin
This is my submission
I’ll make an admission
I’m on a mission
About low emissions
An I ain’t goin fishin
(An if you go fishin
Leave some fish in
Cos they’re goin missin)
Its fusion not fission
Is what I’m wishin
And in addition
With no omission
Without condition
With your permission
I’ll state my position
I present my petition:
I love Transition!

Peter Howe is a writer and member of Transition Stourbridge. Peter works at The Glasshouse in the West Midlands

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