River Stour Event – Saturday 14th July

The next River Stour Event will be:

  • Get to know the next bit of the river
  • Litter pick and outfall spotting

Date: Saturday 14th July. 10.15 for 10.30
Meeting: Richardson Drive (near Sunrise Medical), Amblecote, Stourbridge

We have been made very aware of choosing the right season for the different events. The vegetation is at its highest now and some of the outfalls are obscured. There is visible litter and now we have some excellent bin bags from ‘The Big Tidy Up’.

Project Updates

  • Wayne, Helen Colebourne and Rosanne met Julia Morris of the Environment Agency (EA) to see two testing spots, but instead spotted giant hogweed (invasive species) which had the upper hand.
  • Wayne and Rosanne will meet Jim Woodhall and Julia Morris (EA). They will talk us through an application for the ‘Catchment Restoration Fund’ which takes applications for not less than £50K to be in by September.(!)
  • Canoe Club: wish to restart teaching and canoeing on the river Stour below the Bonded Warehouse. Mark Harding wishes to get the silt tested for heavy metals, to enhance the river with oxygenating riffles and prepare it generally for teaching and canoeing. He is meeting Jim from the EA today. He has offered us use of the clubhouse (if needed) which has good access onto the Stour, and hot and cold water. They have no equipment. We hope to work with them in the future.
  • We will be ordering about 4 grappling hooks and rope around mid July. £150 or thereabouts.
  • Chelsea Taylor from Redhill School is working on fundraising ideas, possibly a disco at school. Thank you Chelsea for all your hard work and good ideas. Waitrose will probably make us part of their ‘green counter’ scheme, hopefully in the near future. Do watch out for it and if possible get everyone to support us! This may pay for the grappling hooks. Any fundraising ideas for some more waders???
  • Stourbridge in Bloom: We will have a stall for this event (Thurs: 12.7) in the Tea Gardens in Mary Stevens Park sometime in the morni. Wayne will help set up.
  • Talk for U3A in the Methodist Hall on the ring road. (2pm 5.12.) Helen Colebourn will do this. Subject: Transition Towns and River Stour Clear Water Project.
  • Wildlife Portfolio: I’m hoping that the S.News will print a request for wildlife photos and spotting on the river. It would be good to have a written and visual record.
  • Invertebrate Course: May be in August. This may be a difficult time for some people. Awaiting confirmation.

Thanks for the great support!

Wayne Haywood Helen Colebourn Rosanne Adams

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