River Stour Event – Sunday 26th August

Rubbish in River Stour beyond bonded warehouse

Date: Sunday 26th August
Where: Bradley Road by Bonded Warehouse (other side of the river)
Time:  10.15am
Contact: rosanneadams@yahoo.co.uk

We will return to the fallen log area where we feel we can safely practise with the grappling hooks. The log has been removed.  Access is good and there is enough to do there to practise on.


1.  The last event went well with around 14 people attending.. in warm sunshine for a change!   We litter picked the last part of the river we intend to take on.   So we have now walked and got to know the river from Mogul Lane to Bells Mill (roughly).   The plan was to spot the outfalls as well but vegetation made this difficult.  (photo included.. also of our stall at Stourbridge in bloom.   We had a special mention from the judges which appeared in the Stourbridge News!)

2. We are looking at how we can plan seasonally!   Clearly vegetation, high turbulent water etc make things more difficult.   We’ve been pretty lucky so far!

3. Wayne and Rosanne went to the Canoe Club House and met Mark Harding who runs the club.  He has plans to take groups by canoe from the Club House (by the aqueduct) downstream and to canoe back along the canal.  This will mean the Environment Agency (E.A.) will need to clear some of the fallen trees and branches from the river.  We’ve heard from the E.A. that an application has been put in for a fishery in that area.  It is good to have made a connection with Mark.

4.  Julia Morris, Jim Woodall  (E.A.) and Simon Atkinson (Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust) met Wayne and Rosanne Thursday 26/7.  Simon Atkinson has offered to help us by drawing up an action plan for our work on the Stour.   J.M.  and J.W. suggest we look at working on the tributaries which feed into the Stour, especially when conditions make work on the river itself difficult or dangerous.  We will need to do some more walking to get to know the tributaries.

4b  Rosanne went to a meeting in Birmingham 31/7  regarding the Catchment Restoration Fund which supports Community led activities for rivers. There were several forms to fill in and work to be done over the winter in being part of this joint application for money.  I have said that I do not feel able to take this on and that I do not feel that this is where the group is at the moment.   If one of you feel this is a wrong choice and that you would like to take it on, do please contact me.   Hopefully there is a middle way and we can continue to work with the E.A.  and B’ham and Black Country Wildlife Trust in a way that is right for us.

5.  We have GRAPPLING HOOKS AND ROPE!!  Four beautiful little grappling hooks have arrived with a generous amount of rope which needs to be knowledgeably spliced to them.  (Easy to lose the hooks if not done properly).   Does anyone have that knowledge who could offer to do it for us?

6.  We have also been given 3 pairs of waders. One pair in very good condition (size 41.. 7) and two size 43.. 9.  One of these pairs is rather perished but seems waterproof and the other needs several patches.  Wayne will get patching kit.   Would anyone have time to patch them?  Offers??!

7.  We still plan a barbeque/bring and share lunch early September with whoever would like to turn up!  Probably Sunday 2nd September date and place to be confirmed.

8.  NEXT MEETING:  The following event will take place upstream of Formula One in Lye (where we did the very first litter pick) where there is a massive amount of silt rubbish (including at least 40 tyres!)

9.   We have no definite date for the invertebrate course.   Apparently it may now be September.  We hope to hear from the E.A. about this before too long.

10.  Finally, thanks again to Chelsea (Redhill School) who has raised £40 towards waders through organizing a bake sale at school and is now working on leaflets to distribute through appropriate shops in Stourbridge.  Well done and thankyou Chelsea!

Thanks for your support.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what we are doing, how to improve etc, or if you do not wish to receive these emails any longer.   All the best

Wayne Haywood    Helen Colebourn    Rosanne Adams

One thought on “River Stour Event – Sunday 26th August

  1. Hi Wayne, Helen and Roseanne
    I note that you don’t appear to be using twitter for Transition Stourbridge activity, however this idea may be of interest (you may be able to make it happen through Facebook: We Will Gather: http://www.wewillgather.co.uk/ I’ll leave the site ti speak for itself.
    Cheers, Lorna

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