River Stour Event – Sat 29th Sept

Our next event will take place on Saturday 29th September. We will meet on the grass in front of Formula 1 in Lye, though any cars might need to be parked elsewhere (perhaps in the carparks on the bypass?) As usual 10.15 for 10.30.

We will tackle the debris (tyres especially) in the river upstream from Lye. We counted 40 tyres in a short space of the river. We had an interesting practice with the grappling hooks below the Bonded Warehouse and found them useful especially for pulling things up the bank. Much of the debris in the river silt is very hard to get out, though we had some good successes. Very many thanks to Rod Fuller for splicing the grappling hooks so beautifully. A nesting kingfisher was spotted in the area.

Tim Gardner has also spotted what may be trout below the weir near Bells Mill.

There will be another event on Sunday 11th November. This will be done in conjunction with Tidy Stourbridge and will take place on a brook below Wollescote Hall.

The green counter month in Waitrose is now over, but I have not yet heard from them as to how much they will donate to us.

We have a display up in the shop next to Peplow’s the jewellers (and opposite the Talbot) in Stourbridge High Street. Do have a look if you can. It seems to be generating some interest and conversation.

Chelsea Taylor is doing great things at Redhill school to publicise the work on the river to pupils and teachers. Thank you Chelsea!

Julia Morris of the Environment Agency (E.A.) asked what I felt the aims of the group were. I have given the following answer which I hope you can all agree with.

  1. Clearing the visual rubbish from the river.
  2. Involvement in water quality testing.
  3. Helping to clear invasive species.
  4. Reporting pollution.
  5. Educating ourselves about the river with help from E.A and B.B.C Wild lifeTrust.
  6. Giving the river a higher profile through the press and displays to help people realise that the river is our responsibility and a resource for humans and a home for wildlife.
  7. Supporting the E.A. in any work they wish to complete on the river or its banks.

If anyone feels they could help with the future planning, walking the proposed areas etc it would be great.

I do need to emphasise that each person must take responsibility for themselves AND FOR OTHERS at each event. There are obvious possibilities for accidents when working in and around the river and with the grappling hooks. A stout stick is very useful in the river!

All the best to everyone and hope to see you at the next event!

Rosanne Adams, Wayne Haywood, Helen Colebourn

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