River Stour Events: Sunday 14th October / Sunday 11th November

Our next event will take place on Sunday 14th October. We will meet on the grass in front of Formula 1 in Lye, though any cars might need to be parked elsewhere (perhaps in the carparks on the bypass?) As usual 10.15 for 10.30.

The next event will be Sunday 11th November afternoon meeting at 1.50 for 2pm. The site is on the right of Wollescote Road as you come down the hill past the Hall (on the left). In the dip at the bottom there are a small amount of parking spaces which may or may not be available.

We would go through a gate on the right before the dip. The site is a dreadfully neglected woodland (the shape of Italy on the map) with a very sad rubbish blocked brook (Ludgebridge) running through it. The path is rather overgrown so some energy will be needed to transport the rubbish!

Please let me know if you would be able to bring a wheelbarrow in your car!

I walked this with Julia Morris E.A. and Councillor Colin Wilson and Catherine Maguire and we are in the process of contacting the Council to find out if the path can be cleared for us. I’m not sure that this will be able to happen.

Do hope you will be able to come!

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