Good Morning Mr Monsanto – a poem by Peter Howe

Good Morning Mr Monsanto
Peter Howe

“Roundup Ready soybeans did not exist except by science. It was man-created. We took something that would not have occurred without our efforts and intervention and we created something of much higher value. In this country, that qualifies for a patent.” Scott Baucum on the Monsanto website. Continue reading “Good Morning Mr Monsanto – a poem by Peter Howe”

River Stour Event – Sunday 11th November

Date: Sunday 11th November at 2pm

We will be picking along (and in!) the brook alongside Hodge Hill and Central Avenue.

It will be best to park at Wollescote Hall (Postcode is DY9 7JG & map) and walk down the hill along Wollescote Road (walk out of the main park gates and turn left). There is an entrance for walkers just before Hodge Hill. I’ll make sure there is a hi vis vest tied to the gate so everyone can see it.

Please bring wellington boots and waterproofs if you want to get into the brook – it is very muddy! For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there is plenty of litter on nearby paths and verges and alongside the brook in Wollescote Park.

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