Stourbridge Photographic competition 2013

photo-competitionRiver Stour photo competition.

Send us your photo of the River Stour or flora, fauna, wildlife around the river.

Judging will take place in October and if we have enough good entries we will have a calendar made in time for Christmas.

1st Prize:        £50 and a trophy courtesy of Waitrose

2nd Prize:      £20 and membership to the RSPB

3rd Prize:        £20 book token

Submit Date:         Between 15th May 2013 & 30th Sept 2013

Send to:  (Please Include your contact details)

Digital photo:
(digital photo should be a high resolution jpg or png file, a minimum of 1200 pixels wide and a file size no larger than 5MB)

Printed Photo:    c/o Transition Stourbridge, 49 Heath St, Stourbridge, DY8 1SE.

Terms and Conditions:

The photo of the River Stour may be taken anywhere in the Dudley Borough. Please include location and close identifying landmark. Please state age if under 16.

9 thoughts on “Stourbridge Photographic competition 2013

  1. Have you any rules for size of printed image or resolution for digital. If you have a lot of full resolution images emailed to you it could clog up your email.

    1. Hi Keith, thanks…good point.

      We hadn’t really given it much thought. I think a width of approximately 1200 pixels and a resolution of 300dpi should be fine…hopefully! 🙂

    1. Hi Melvyn, we didn’t actually specify. I suppose we should have…but some people have sent one photo and others have sent us a few

  2. errr, i think you will find 300 dpi a tad large for email unless using a sender service. i would suggest that 72dpi would make more sense for entries but then of course selected images would have to be sent to you at 300 for printing

    1. Remember the dpi on its own does not effect the file size. It’s the total number of pixels which matter. Your poster asks for 300 dpi and 1200 pixels wide. This would equate to a picture 4 inches wide and therefore would be a relatively small file.of about 4 mb..

      1. Thanks for the Info Keith, what would you suggest and I’ll update the content and re-post the article for this year.

        best wishes


      2. It all depends on what physical size you want the pictures. For example a print 7.5 inches by 5 inches works out at 2250 pixels wide at 300ppi and would be about 9.6 mb and you would not want too many of those by email.
        There are a couple of options. One would be to ask for entries on a CD then they could be any size without causing a problem. Another would be to ask for low resolution images to be emailed with the proviso that any award winners must supply a high resolution image before they can collect their prize. In this case you could insist that pictures should be in landscape format and a maximum of 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. This works out at about 2.25mb. This is the resolution of most projectors.
        I hope this helps.

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