River Stour clean-up event – Sunday 14th July

Date: Sunday 14th July

Time: 10.15 for 10.30 start

Place: Formula One in Lye (down hill on the right from Lye Cross)

River Update

We are getting close to midsummer and I’m hoping that people are helping to publicise the photo competition with posters and flyers 🙂

I’ve become aware that publicity for the river is now extremely important. We all enjoy heaving the rubbish out, but unless we have a healthy river culture nothing will change and the rubbish will continue to be dumped, so thoughts along this line would be most helpful.

I’m thinking about our river display for Halesowen library which I will try to organise for the autumn.

Helen is starting to water test for invertebrates (as we learned to do at the beginning of the summer with the Environment Agency). I’m hoping the others of us who will undertake this may also start in the autumn when we have further kit from Waterside Care.

All the best, Rosanne

Please contact Rosanne using the form below, if you have any questions

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