River Stour clean-up event – Sunday 8th September

Bridge near Haden Hill Park, Cradley Heath (Gordon Griffiths)
Bridge near Haden Hill Park, Cradley Heath
(Gordon Griffiths)

Next River Stour event and some update news

Date: Sunday 8th September 2013

Place: Bridge Street, Cradley Heath.

Time: 10.15 for 10.30

Directions: Take the Birmingham road if you are coming from Stourbridge. Continue through Lye and straight on to Hayes Park Road. Turn left on to Colley Lane to Bridge Street where we should be parked up on the right. There are some parking spaces in Little Crescent on the right just before the bridge and also at the tyre place on the left (ADM Tyres).

Task: This site was drawn to our attention by a Cradley Heath resident so this will be our first attempt to clean the river beyond our own area of Stourbridge.

The site is more difficult than any we have attempted so far as the river has rather steep sides and the vegetation is high and thick. There is Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed (all invasive species).

Rod and Rosanne have been to clear some paths down to the water, and Rod will bring two ladders to make access easier and two brand new sturdy wheelbarrows donated by Kingswinford and Stourbridge Lions. (Thank you so much Lions).

There is enough old rubbish along that stretch to keep us busy and lots of litter for those who don’t want to venture into the water. We always need people to pull on the grappling hooks to heave the rubbish out and to trundle the rubbish in our new wheelbarrows to the road for collection by the Council.


  • Our last event went really well. The site at Formula One in Lye is such a good one and there is so much rubbish there. The sun shone and we had a really good turn out with some very hard working children. I think around 25 people came to help. The rubbish pile was huge.
  • Rosanne has approached Halesowen Library and hopes to get a river exhibition going there in February. This may stimulate some interest locally.
  • With the help of Louise North we will start water testing this autumn. Helen Voyle did some in Wollescote Park (Ludgebridge Brook a tributary) during Stourbridge in Bloom and has sent the results to Ellen Pisolkar.
  • Colin James and Rosanne set up a River Stour display in Mary Stevens Park for Stourbridge in Bloom.
  • We have had some photos come through for our River Stour Photo Competition. We could do with a few more if you know anyone who might be interested! (£50 first prize!)

One thought on “River Stour clean-up event – Sunday 8th September

  1. This was my first Tidy up for some time. I expected to be collecting cans and litter. Instead I got into the river and helped clear up big stuff, tyres etc. Not only was it good fun but it felt extremely worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone who has a conscience about our environment and a love of our local river. Mark

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