Stourbridge Photo competition 2014

River Stour - Kinver - Beth Gurney
River Stour – Beth Gurney

Please send us your photos of the River Stour and surrounding Flora and Fauna for our 2015 calendar and this years photo competition.

Judging will take place in September.

Here is the calendar are some photos from last year.

1st Prize:        £50 and a trophy

2nd Prize:      £20 and membership to the RSPB

3rd Prize:       £20 book token

Please include the location and any nearby identifying landmarks.

  • Photos must be large size and of high quality for reproduction in the calendar
  • Photographs may be taken anywhere within the Dudley Borough.
  • Please state if applicant is under 16.
  • Please include your contact details

Send Print or CD/DVD to: c/o Transition Stourbridge, 49 Heath St, Stourbridge, DY8 1SE.

Digital Photos to:


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