River Stour Event – Sunday 27th July

River clean-up, Richardson Drive, AmblecoteNext River Stour clean-up event

Date: Sunday 27th July, 10.15 for 10.30

 Richardson Drive (Off Wollaston Road), Stourbridge

Directions: Take Harrop way off Richardson Drive. Parking needs to be sensitive as it’s a re
sidential area

The plan is to pull Himalayan Balsam from the bank of the river running downstream from the little bridge. The balsam is an invasive species which displaces indigenous plants and takes over very quickly. This area has alot of it which needs to be cleared if possible.

Wayne Haywood is leading this event and suggests wellies as footwear. I remember the ground to be rather uneven. If you think you might need gloves to protect your hands please bring some gardening gloves with you.

Following Event

Date: Sunday 10th August, , 10.15 for 10.30
Place: Under the Stour Bridge
Parking: Fox Removals or Bonded Warehouse

Photos from last event

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