River Stour Event – Sunday 10th August

Next River Stour clean-up eventBoat and volunteers by The Stour Bridge

Date: Sunday 10th August, 10.15 for 10.30
Place: The Stour Bridge
Parking: Bonded Warehouse or Fox Removals

We will have another go at removing rubbish from under the bridge and Fox Removals providing the rain holds off and the river is not too deep.   We will use the boat again for rubbish collection.


  • Himalayan Balsam
    The last event was very successful and a great deal of himalayan balsam was removed along the river.   Richard Brooks went back to the site to remove any stragglers and showed me why the balsam is so successful.  The plant can reroot up all its nodes as well as pop seeds out all over the place.   If it isn’t severely dealt with it can reroot even after it has been pulled up.   I had no idea it was so tenacious so congratulations to those who found a method to kill it off by creating piles which seemed to be rotting well.
  • Stour Bridge Signs
    We are making some progress with the ‘signs for the Stour Bridge’ project.   It looks as if it has been approved with an estimated cost of £524.  It would be added to both sides of the Welcome to Stourbridge sign.    If anyone has ideas for funding this please let me know or if anyone would like to make a small contribution,  together we could make a big dent in the money needed.   Please email me (rosanneadams@yahoo.co.uk) if you have any good ideas or would like to contribute.  Thanks!
  • Plants & Seeds
    I have been collecting seeds from seed heads on my allotment and garden and will bring them to the next event to scatter into the grassy area alongside the bridge which is usually overgrown and dotted with litter.  Also any robust perennials would be welcome.  Some care and colour there would be a great bonus!
  • River Exhibition
    There’s a small river exhibition up in Stour Tech in the High Street.

All the best, hope to see you on Sunday!Rosanne


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