River Stour Event – Sunday 19th October

River Stour, The Stour BridgeNext River Stour clean-up event

Date: Sunday 19th October
Time: 10.15 for 10.30 start
Venue: The Stour Bridge (by Fox Removals and Bonded Warehouse)

New Venue:  Bagley Street Car Park

Directions: From the Stourbridge ring road take the Lye road (Birmingham Street). At the first mini roundabout turn left and go down the hill. (At the bottom is the Stour .. invisible!) Start up the hill on the other side and you will see a footpath sign on your right. The carpark is opposite it on the left on the bend.

Please bring gloves if you have them.. or we can supply. Bagley Street area is in urgent need of cleaning up litterwise. We have worked on the river there in the past and still have lots to do in the future in that spot.

Future Dates

Sunday November 16th
Sunday December 7th
Place: The Stour Bridge
Time: As above

We will follow the above calendar IF POSSIBLE! Anyone who went into the river at the last event will be aware of the difficulties with the uneven surface of the river bed. If the river is swollen or turbulent we will let you know of an alternative site for litter picking or balsam bashing!

Last Event

Fabulous weather and a great group of volunteers. Thanks again to Keith for the use of his truly invaluable winch. We really only made a start on the rubbish visible from the bridge .. there’s plenty more to do so we’ll stick with it till it’s done. Thanks also to those who heaved the litter up the slipway, litterpicked or planted up the last bit of the parapet, to Rod and Wayne for storing and carting. And a special thanks to Eden for all her hard work.

Photo Competition

All photos are in now and waiting to be judged by Mr Harcourt of Waitrose who organises Stourbridge In Bloom and supports our events. He has donated the 1st Prize Trophy. We will again produce a calendar in time for Christmas. What a wonderful present! I’ll let you know later how to get hold of one!

Photo of Old Stour Bridge: I’ve just put out an alert to the press in the hope of finding someone who might have an old photo of the last Stour Bridge. If you know of an older person who might have one in their album… we’d love to see it.

GEAR: The more people can bring their own gear, the easier it is for us! So if you are a regular volunteer is it possible Father Christmas might help out here?! Of course we can provide for anyone who needs it.

Hoping for a calm river and a sunny day for the next event. All the best Rosanne

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