River Stour Event: CHANGE OF PLAN – Sunday 31st May

River Stour Clean-up Event, Richardson Drive, Amblecote, StourbridgeNext Event: Please Note Change Of Plan!!

Date: Sunday 31st May
Place: Harrop Way off Richardson Drive (which is off Wollaston High Street)
Time: 10.15 for 10.30am
Parking: good: but beware of parking in front of people’s driveways!

Next Dates: (to be confirmed nearer the time)

  • Sunday 28th June
  • Sunday 19th July
  • Sunday 6th September

As it has rained recently the river has filled up and made it impossible to get into as hoped and planned. We are always dependent on the weather for our events and are generally quite lucky.

However there’s always something to be done! This time we will ‘balsam bash’. Himalayan balsam is an invasive species which takes the place of our native varieties. We are slowly clearing this particular area and have cleaned up the river here. There may also be litter to pick. It’s also great if volunteers can help with these less dramatic events! Good gloves useful if you have them.. if not we do.

Rod will check the river tomorrow morning and if he feels it is possible he will lead a small group to do some more clearing if anyone wishes to go into the river. We will know when we meet at Harrop Way.


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