River Stour clean-up – Sunday 19th July

The-Stour-BridgeNext River Stour clean-up event

Place: River Stour Bridge
Date: Sunday 19th July
Time: 10.15 for 10.30
Parking: pretty good in Mill Race Lane

As last time this will involve work in the river and hauling it up the slipway for the Council to take away. I will bring some gardening tools if you would prefer something more gentle as the parapet garden always needs attention! There’s usually something for everyone!

Future dates: September 6th and October 18th. Always a Sunday and will be confirmed nearer the time.


  • Richard and Rosanne went to a workshop in Birmingham to see if there was any hope of getting Heritage Lottery money for upgrading the bridge. We found out that in that form the request would not be fruitful! However there might be some mileage at looking at a different way forward. We will investigate!
  • Richard, Maris and Rosanne put up a river display for Stourbridge in Bloom. The judges always seem very interested in the river work.
  • The window in the town centre does seem to generate interest and Nigel Blunt has offered to take photos to help keep it refreshed with new angles on the work of volunteers.

Hope to see you on Sunday.. it always helps to have some idea who might be able to come!

All the best Rosanne

Photos from last time

Bridge over the River Stour




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