TALK: Wild Edibles and the Ancestral Diet – Saturday 4th October

evolution_of_manTALK: Wild Edibles and the Ancestral Diet: What can they Teach Us?

Owen Raybould, a nutrition researcher and forager will deliver a one hour talk which covers some of the latest theories on nutrition, tips and inspiration on foraging, and some thoughts on human health in the modern world.

Date: Saturday 4th October, 7pm for 7.30pm start

Where: Friends Meeting House, Stourbridge, 37 Scotts Road, DY8 1UR

“For many thousands of years humans have used the huge variety of plants and animals of our environment as food, raw materials, medicines and as a source of inspiration for life. How does the modern diet compare to that of our ancestors, and do we need to re-evaluate how we eat nowadays? What can we learn from the evidence of how humans ate during our evolution? Does foraging have a place in modern society? What are the consequences of modern foods on our health and on the environment? ”

Owen Raybould, Ancestral Health and Nutrition

Heart of England Foraging and Wild Edibles

Foraging Walk – Saturday 13th Sept

Foraging-WalkAfternoon guided foraging walk round Lickey Hills

Date: Saturday 13th Sept
Time: 2pm – 4pm

Meet: The Visitor Centre, Lickey Hills Country Park, Warren Lane, Birmingham, B45 8ER (map) at 2pm

Donation: £3 (suggested)

“I’ll be able to identify sweet chestnuts, bilberries, raspberries and hazelnuts among others there. Information about trees and management of the land, interesting fire lighting material and uses of tree sap”  Owen Raybould

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Date: Saturday 4th October – 7pm

TALK: Wild edibles and ancestral human nutrition: What can it teach us? by Owen Raybould

Where: Quaker Friends Meeting House, 37 Scotts Road, Stourbridge, DY8 1UR

Public talk on Climate Change in an Age of Deception: Fri 19th March

Public talk on Climate Change in an Age of Deception at 7.30 Elmfield School, Eurythmy Room, Stourbridge

Peter Taylor will examine the relationship of climate change, science institutions and the UN and other areas of mass deception such as the Iraq war and the “dodgy dossier”, and the financial crisis. Continue reading “Public talk on Climate Change in an Age of Deception: Fri 19th March”