What’s Local?

Our Eco Map

We have put together a Map of all the groups, shops, cafes and restaurants that are affiliated with Transition Stourbridge. Our aim is to promote businesses and other campaigns that share our values on sustainability & welfare to create a happier stourbridge.

sustainable Food Shop

It is difficult to find fresh, locally grown food near Stourbridge.  But hear are a few ideas...
local food

Farmers’ Markets

Stourbridge Farmers’ and Craft Market takes place on the first and third Saturday of every month from 9am – 3pm , located in the High Street, just outside the Ryemarket Shopping Centre.

Wholefoods Delivered

Survival Whole Foods are based in Herefordshire, but deliver to Stourbridge free about once a month. They have hundreds of organic and non-organic products. Their business is  based on integrity, fairness and ethics.

Veg Box Schemes


Allotments bring many benefits, including eating fresh organic grown vegetables, and good health through exercise and fresh air. Dudley Council own a total of 38 allotments sites for growing vegetables, fruit and flowers. Plots are rented out at £6.80 per 50m2 per year.

Some sites are in particular demand and a waiting list may exist; if this is the case you will be added to the list and contacted when a plot becomes available. The list may go faster than you think.


Langs Butcher Of Wollaston
Based on Wollaston High Street, Langs has a reputation of providing high quality local meat.


Linking up growers, helpers and land(garden)-owners, this website lets you post a listing, tell others where you are and what you are offering or looking for, and receive responses. Find Landshare opportunities near Stourbridge

Biodynamic Growing

Fundamental to biodynamic gardening is the recognition that all life is interconnected.  Each plant, each insect, the rocks below, the moving clouds and the stars above, all form part of the living organism of our planet. Every piece of land, including the smallest garden can be considered a microcosm of this greater whole. The biodynamic gardener works as an artist within this context.

Stourbridge Biodynamic Group meets on the first Saturday afternoon of every month.

New members are welcome to our meetings where we make biodynamic preparations, order seeds, study and have conversation, tea and cake. We look forward to seeing you!

Contact: Vicky Randon: 01384 873080;  vickyrandon@btinternet.com or Jacqui Rogers: 01384 221648; jacqui@therogers.me.uk

The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for planet-friendly organic food and farming, believing in the connection between soil, food, the health of people and the health of the planet.

Soil Association

Vale Head Farm

The Farm is owned by the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust, which is dedicated to helping and educating youngsters with social and learning difficulties. Students are fully involved in the growing, packing and distribution process from the “seed to the table” as part of their educational curriculum at the Farm. The land at Vale Head Farm is now fully certified Bio Dynamic / Organic.

Ashfield Gardens

Part of Camphill Communities and situated on Stourbridge’s outskirts, Ashfield Gardens welcome volunteers who are supported in working on the land or offering their time and skills in other necessary tasks. Being part of the garden community bestows health and well-being benefits – and maybe something to take home and put in the pot for supper.