Residents in pre-selected trial areas are recycling plastic bottles and cardboard in addition to the materials being collected in other areas. Residents have been given two reusable bags (one green and one blue).

The blue bag is for paper and cardboard and the green one for plastic bottles along with food and drink cans. Black boxes are used for glass bottles and jars only.

This service will be rolled out to all our borough residents by the end of 2014

Plastic Bottle Recycling is now available at these sites (Plastic Recycling Map):

  • Asda Stores Ltd, Pearson Street, Brierley Hill
  • Sainsbury’s, Sandringham Way, Stourbridge
  • Stafford Street Car Park, Dudley
  • Birmingham Street Car Park, Halesowen
  • Morrisons Stallings Lane, Kingswinford
  • Co-op, Halesowen Road, Quinton
  • Co-op, High Holborn, Sedgley
  • Birmingham Street (C.A. site), Stourbridge
  • Church Street Car Park, Stourbridge
  • Wordsley Green Car Park, Wordsley

Also See: Plastic and Cardboard Recycling Trial on the Dudley Council Website

3 thoughts on “Plastic

  1. I lived in Falmouth, Cornwall for three years while at university . The council there recycled almost everything, the only waste that went in the normal bin was food waste. Most of the material that goes in my bin in Wordsley is cardboard and plastic and I hate filling my bin with it – I would much rather recycle it! What is stopping the council here from recycling plastic????

    1. I know, its a terrible waste!

      Currently 92% of all UK local authorities now offer some form of plastic bottle recycling, but not in Dudley or Stourbridge yet!

      Though, apparently there will be a trail of plastic and cardboard kerbside recycling starting soon, I email Councillor David Stanley ( today to find out more.

      will keep you posted…

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