River Stour Event – Sunday 6th April


Next River Stour clean-up morning

Date: Sunday 6th April
Time: 10.15 for 10.30
Place: Ludgebridge Brook (map)

Parking: You can either park in the hollow at the bottom of Wollescote road (having passed Wollescote Hall on your left) or actually in the car park at Wollescote Hall. Contact Rosanne, if you’d like to know more…

Ludgebridge brook

Ludgebridge brook is a stream which feeds into the River Stour, the brook runs through very pretty woodland, under Wollescote Road and into Stevens Park, Wollescote, Stourbridge.  It eventually runs into the Stour somewhere around Bagley Street.

The area we are going to clean is off the Wollescote Road. (A gate on the right.. Hall on the left).

Masses of rubbish

We have cleaned masses of rubbish out of the brook in the past but never quite got to grips with the appalling rubbish at the top of the woodland and into Hilltop. There is also a bit of rubbish in the brook. It would be good if we could get at the rubbish before the vegetation starts to cover it. When we can be more certain of river depth and clarity we’ll be able to get back into the river.

Photo Competition

Last year we ran a photographic competition to get people down to the Stour. We also published a calendar from the photos entered. If we are to do this again we need help with the technical side! If anyone feels they could take this on could you please let me know, thanks (rosanneadams@yahoo.co.uk).

Boat Launch

Message from Rod: ‘our boat is almost ready to launch’!  We will have to find a name for her!

All the best and thanks to everyone for the tremendous support and interest in the project. Rosanne

River Stour Event – Sunday 28th April

Bagley Street River Stour Rubbish
Bagley Street River Stour Rubbish

The next River Stour clean-up event:

Date: Sunday 28th April

Time: 10.15 for 10.30

Place:  The car park on Bagley Street.

The accessibility is poor, but I think that with the grappling hooks we might well be able to get the rubbish out. In one or two areas the water is fairly shallow. The photo was taken the other side of the road. For anyone who is not keen to get into the water or haul on grappling hook ropes, there is plenty of litter! On the other side of the road there are a load of tyres on waste land which need collecting up for the council. Continue reading “River Stour Event – Sunday 28th April”