Nature Returns to the River Stour

River Stour behind Lion Health Centre
River Stour behind Lion Health Centre & Murrays Chemist

Thanks to our dedicated and committed volunteers we’ve almost completely cleared the River Stour behind the Lion Health Centre. The wonderful news is that as we’ve cleared away discarded shopping trollies and tyres, the wildlife has returned.

On Sunday 5th June we saw fish swimming in the now fast flowing river, and as we were leaving we spotted a Kingfisher. It’s incredible to see nature returning to this stunning wildlife corridor we have right in the heart of Stourbridge.

Giant hogweed, River Stour behind Lion Health Centre
Giant hogweed, River Stour behind Lion Health Centre

If you visit be very careful as also at the moment there is Giant Hogweed growing, which contains toxic sap which can cause severe burns. And if you see any litter, please pick it up and help us keep our town Green and Tidy for us all and the wildlife. Many thanks.


Photo’s from Sunday 5th June

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Giant Hogweed

River Stour boat launch Photos – May 2014

A lovely Sunny morning, with lots of enthusiastic river clean up volunteers ready for action.

Geraldine Bray named the new boat the ‘Little Stour Warrior’ and she was launched down the slipway into the river – helping to haul out rubbish from under the Stour Bridge.  The pile of rubbish included 12 shopping trolleys!

Those who had brought seeds set to work cleaning out a gulley in a girder and planting seeds to cheer up a forlorn spot.

River Stour Event – Sunday 29th September

River Stour volunteers
River Stour volunteers

The next river clean-up event

Place: Corngreaves Hall

Date: Sunday September 29th 2013

Time: 10.15 for 10.30

Many people wrote in to say that there were tyres in the river Stour between Corngreaves Hall and Hayseech Road. Compared to other sites we have cleaned the problems are much less dramatic, so in some ways it could be called a ‘mini’ event.

We will still need people to help get the tyres out (I will bring the waders) litter pickers, and people in wellies to fish litter out of the river debris.

Our last event received good publicity (with excellent photo) in the Halesowen News and notification of this new one, so hopefully this will have reached the local community. Continue reading “River Stour Event – Sunday 29th September”